Video Game Project: Zelda

For this project, my class was assigned to find a screenshot from an 8-bit video game of our choice and recreate the image in Photoshop, except there was a twist. Not only did we have to recreate the screenshot from the game of our choice, but we had to render it in a realistic/painterly manner.

The video I chose was Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.


When I left class, eagerily got to work. I researched several other games such as Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man, but a screen shot from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link caught my eye. The image of Link taking on the fiery serpant, Barba.
I started with a very rough and minimal sketch of Link and Barba. From there, I started with rendering Link by manipulating actor’s faces and cloth textures to form the figure I had in mind.
After this, I rendered the background, combining and manipulating images of lava, bricks, and chimneys. The final result was an intense rendering of an epic battle between boy and beast, once 8 bit, now real. 

View the full-sized image below: