Hi, I’m Ethan.

Graphic Designer & Illustrator 

I’m a designer/illustrator based out of South Florida with a knack for digital art and a love for all things comics and pop culture. I enjoy breathing life into incredible ideas and blending my Fine Arts background into my designs.  

Featured work

The Hero’s Journey


An infographic that breaks down the age-old monomyth.

App Design

A food-finding app concept for the indecisive eater.

Save the Kooks

Ad Campaign

An unofficial ad campaign The Kookabura Coffee.

Museum of Science and Discovery

Brand & Signage Design

An unofficial re-branding of the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

‘Hi-Tech’ Typeface

Type Design

A typeface I developed for AIGA Design Week 2019.

Capsule Intro

Motion Graphics

An animated intro sequence for a the Capsule video series.

Sweet Jacks

Brand Design

A brand concept for a gourmet pancake eatery.

Cathea’s Curse

Curse - Concept Art

A series of environmental concept art for a screenplay.


Additional design and Illustrative projects.

WARNING: This page contains nude figure studies. 

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