My work


Save The Kooks - Ad Campaign

‘Save the Kooks’ is an advertising campaign for The Kookaburra (café) to bring in more consumers and raise money for the Australian wildfires.


Capsule Intro - Motion Graphics

An animated intro for a video-series produced by the client.


The Hero's Journey - Infographic

‘The Hero’s Journey’ infographic is an education guide on the famous monomyth used throughout some of the most popular stories.


GrubSearch - App Design

‘GrubSearch’ is a concept for an app that assists the user in choosing a restaurant to eat at when they have a hard time deciding, or do not know what is in the area.


The Adventures of Sketch - App Design

‘The Adventures of Sketch’ is an educational app that teaches children how to draw through tracing tutorials, while entertaining them with a fun hero vs. villain narrative.


MDS - Brand & Signage Design

Museum of Discovery and Science is a museum based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This project is a rebrand for the museum, along with designs for both interior and exterior signage.


Sweet Jacks - Brand Design

‘Sweet Jacks’ is a restaurant concept, intended to be located in Saint Augustine, FL. The restaurant focuses on gourmet and specialty pancakes.


Cathea's Curse - Concept Art

Cathea’s Curse is a screenplay being written by my client, which he will be pitching. In order to further sell this pitch, he has asked me for illustrations of key locations in his fictional world.


Additional illustrative work, both digital and traditional.

WARNING: This page contains nude figure studies. 

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