Cityscape Project: New York City

For this project, my class was assigned to pick a city anywhere in the world and design a cityscape to represent it. At first, I found myself intimidated by this project, due to my unfamiliarity with Adobe Illustrator. Though this project certainly had a learning curve, I was able to adapt and overcome this obstacle. I started by picking a city I have a close connection to, New York City. Though I grew up in Florida, I was originally born in New York. Something about New York has always resonated with me, even though we’ve been long separated. Not knowing how to use Illustrator at the time, I sketched up an unfinished concept in Adobe Photoshop and presented it to my professor.
The original concept I drew presented a more detailed aesthetic than I intended, so I simplified the concept further and ended up with three

alternate concepts.

It did not take long for me to adapt to the program and design the rendition of New York City I originally had in mind, a simplified cityscape full of skyscrapers and busy streets, managing to capture the essence of New York City. 

View the full-sized image below: